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We have an awesome team.

We are completely transparent and completely doxed as we understand this requires trust. We're looking to provide a highly yielding sustainable project.
So thank you for joining us and welcome to the Spillionaire family!!!! 

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 Tank Leru

Role: CEO-Founder: 
 American native: he's been an investor of the crypto space for years, although a musician he is a multiple business owner, & highly experienced in marketing.  Experience always helps with integration especially having been a participant in several projects community's in the past can help aid in the overall success of things by using the simple pro/con's methodology.  he's an investor of real world property as well as many nft land, and gaming metaverse projects.

Shanta bright

Role: Project manager 
Oversee the updates , communication & partnerships!!!

Isshan Forbes  

Role: Project director

Revising , coordinating, planning, documenting analysis, aligning communication.  His job is to ensure that the project's efforts are generally cohesive, consistent, and effective in supporting the mission, goals, and strategic plan of our organization.