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📇 Fair launch

 How it works

🚀 Treasury

🚀 SC Reserves

what makes us different


🚀Community objective

🚀Spill swap:

💵SC Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding


📊 Funding Map


🌛Monetization process

🎻Spill stream


👯‍♀️Community Developing

👣Spill share

 🦾Project Backing


⚖Fair lauch


Fair Launch Contributors

🏆Top contributor wins 5 BNB 
(King of the hill)
🥇250 BSUD: for those who buy 5 or more (only 1)
🥈100 BSUB: for those who buy 3 BNB or more (only 2)
🥉50 BSUD : for those who buy 1 BNB or more (only 3) will be distributed After launch is filled.

SC & Spill will be initially offered through fair launch. No whitelisting required or hassle to get in, just a opportunity to get in early. Everybody will have an equal chance to buy $SC/$SPILL on PinkSale at release time. "First come, first served" once our soft cap is reached, those who get in will not be able claim at the reduced rate. The only way to buy $SC or $SPILL will be on Pancake Swap upon being publicly released by $SC/BNB pair. Shortly after funding is completed funds will go to market creating the $SPILL/BNB liquidity pair. $SPILL and $SC are both Bep20. SC rewarding its holders with automatic interest payments daily over the lifespan of the tokens supply. And Spill consist BSUD distributions. 
 We can't necessarily guarantee that everybody will have a particular measure of allocation. This method is meant to secure ordinary buyers a spot in the presale as well as prevent whales from buying up all the tokens,  preventing every one from being on equal footing. "First come, first served" is always applicable in any form or presale, so be sure to be early!

Spillionaire protocol is the only high yielding protocol with a real world utility. With in it exist 2 tokens Spilland spillionaire coin🧪Our automated rewarding system is a big part of the spill formula which gives you protection from fraud and accidental transfers as well as overbearing continuous fees. While not claiming to provide the absolutely highest APY, returns are ridiculously high by crypto & especially traditional finance standards. Backed by a system that aims to provide stability and consistency unlike other comparable platforms. This is a multi-level earning platform, allowing holders governance along with a high ROI just by possessing SC. The spillionaire goal is not just to provide one of the highest APY's ever though pretty insane its to change lives financially hence ( Being able to offering not just digital & actual real world utility.

The Spillionaire Coin it self is reflective through rebase, has automated liquidity additions, automatically rewards & burns simultaneously through its smart functions keeping holders in a rewarding positions. With a single taxed function placed at entry and exit of there investment delegated to a liquidity and its multi-backing system contributing to efforts to maintain and build value. To be noted its also on the BSC network ultimately meaning super low gas fees. Total supply of SC tokens is 5,124,764,693.67 Placing SC at just the right amount to do what is almost impossible for the majority of meme coins. Making obtainable what is far beyond the grasp of what majority of other projects could even fathom.

SC was initially designed to act as a governance token, for its own metaverse referred to as the spillaverse complimented by its play to earn implementations throw spill.
$Spill was designed to simply ack as a direct backing asset, a counterpart not wanting to implode the Spillionaires eco system.
Allowing holders to earn by simply holding, providing a consistent high ROI but at a stable rate giving its backing system and adequate amount of time to completely develop. With that in mind it's utilities were aimed at contributing to the adoption rate, by gamifying each concept creating opportunities to attract the attention of possibly millions making every part of the project both rewarding and entertaining. 

The Treasury is vital to our protocol essentially providing an adequate backing system to support growth and sustainability. In the event of an extreme price drop of the SC the treasury is a secondary layer of protection. reestablishing the value though its primary uses: to build within the platform, funding new SPILL products, services and strategically reinvest in well vetted projects its providing more value to the spillionaire community as well as complete by back and burns I needed. 
A key feature to high light ,that treasury will always acquire value continuously as spill contributions triggered by transactions will cause consistent injections to add to SC own contribution. 
check out spillionaire life for exact brake down.

Treasury address: 0xbDA8172E7F6364A2A498DbaEE7b0BCD9E7dD8A92

 💱SC Reserve
Or as some would call it insurance is first line of defense  supports the APY system. Through its own trading fees  

 Reserve address: 0xF2ebF9C6379fc68891d79C39673729BA312Cc4d

Evaporation address:

$SC aspires to become a entirely a new breed of rebase token, with an effort to direct as much governance as possible into its treasury to reward token holders and build intrinsic value within the Spillionaire platform itself.
 like similar project we’d extend a portion of the treasury into various protocols becoming a in direct governance. Recycling as we call it always timed to recover initial investment proportionately limiting risk.
Also to be noted the Spillionaire provides the only protocol of is kind to not only be a metaverse governance but to having a actual real world utility. what, How? yeap 'SPILL STREAM'  Currently in development! 

"Spill" stream: is the only streaming platform in the world of its kind allowing the culture of music experience the power of the block chain. Changing the term paid to play . Where listeners  & artist will have opportunities  to generate real revenue just by doing what they love. Witch is sure to stir things in the industry up a bit.
Sill streams favorite, moto's make a living living.

 But what makes the Spillionaire coin so unique is though masked as a meme, theoretically the description of this meme’s super powers simply describes it’s functionality. As spider mans uncle Ben would recite  "with great power comes re spillability" lol or some thing of the sort. The point is that that's why so much pre drafting was done on the entirety of the project prior to the release. If SC reward system wasn’t exciting enough, we've managed to host our very own swapping platform yes “Spillswap”. Which is safe to say is a Benefactor to the ecosystem providing investors even more opportunities to amplify there rewards through liquidity pools and farming as many no the smaller the pie the bigger the slice has to be. Primarily to contribute to spill holders as it indirectly serve SC.

Not quite a DOA, we had to create a system that wouldn't inevitably fail. In addition a challenge remains to facilitate and maintain liquidity on decentralized exchanges. Naturally, decentralized exchanges require liquidity . Solution you ask, our auto functions distributes retained assets as well as secure liquidity in order to prevent volatility.
The  functionality of the smart contract along with our formula gives the everyday person and highest level of VC a chance to participating on equal footing to an extent. Especially using percentage of the tax to evaporate tokens instantly, reducing the total supply simultaneously as trading volume increase. Less tokens mean more value. We would all like to think that the community should control the narrative, insuring that we will exponentially increase the yield rate even against high sale's pressure reversing the polarity almost in a instant with the aid of our insurance fund creating more buying pressure to carry along a rippling effect.
Because crypto is so unpredictable the APYs of protocols are often impossible to predict. And without a rebase there are no amount of tokens you can expected to receive during a given time frame. Spillionaire pays $SC holders a daily fixed rate.
This will be the only time fees will be adjusted, unless discussed by the community and even then it will be a process during the centered period of V1s lifespan being that we've planning on releasing ownership until set date. APY will be retracted at this point, to agree upon amount do to us increasing use case. 
Users could be looking to migrate their tokens from the initial version to the newer one in as early as 9 to 14 months depending on community vote. Everyone will be given steps as well notice 4 to 6 weeks head to help them achieve a safe and successful migration by us and security company trusted. Every one will receive and equivalent value except our top holders which will be rewarded with what we'd like to call an inheritance preventing any one being stuck holding bags and awarding loyalty. 

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield. This measures the real rate of return on your principal amount by taking into account the effect of compounding interest. In the case of Spillionaire, your $SC tokens represent your principal, and the compound interest is added periodically on every Rebase (Every 15 minutes)

Our hard coded functions we've set in place are the primary provisionary, providing an ideal incentive to expedite adoption as the offers security and no room for error. 
   Decentralized finance at its best all made possible by using decentralized exchanges in collaboration along with the Spillionaires secret sauce of course. Before any token on the binance smart chain or any network for that matter to have the availability to be swapped on a decentralized exchange, it must have an available liquidity pool of tokens for swapping. The challenge remains on how to properly incentivize users to keep such liquidity pools maintained. Recognizing this, developers have attempted to satisfy these conditions by using various tokenomic structures with incentives for the user to supply liquidity into the pools. These reflections would act to distribute tokens proportional to volume as needed, and could thus provide a more reasonable incentive for holding. Although reflection and our liquidity acquisition may contribute to stability, The combination of these tokenomic's seeks to eliminate the flaws of various predecessors, while providing useful incentives for use case and adoption. Liquidity is crucial in any trading environment. By definition, decentralized liquidity is simply the accessibility of tokens operated and controlled by a smart contract market makers have been used to provide a service for buyers and sellers on traditionally but wed like to think the to work experience hand in hand. SC utilizes the power and flexibility of block chain  technology as it has advanced. Proper incentives for adding liquidity is a key factor in protocol with ample resources to upkeep liquidity our system makes this risk-free value, hedging against inflation & provide funds needed in order to continuously ascend.

Problems usually arise when the liquidity pool provider loses the incentive to add tokens into the pool, which occurs after the token pair is subjected to impermanent loss resulting from arbitrage.
well now less of a problem due to our autonomous system. That in mine and wanting to create highly incentivizing protocol we decided to gamify all of its moving pieces. An had a role in the creation the "SPILL" is primarily use for gaming uses but splashing 2% in to SC treasury continually every transaction. and unlike SC only distributing rewards during transactions to prevent disruption to its own  & offers high pay outs during gaming, farming and has its own liquidity acquisitions. The spillionaire Coin is the governance token to all of the spillionaire projects to some extent as real utility comes from use outside of just financial return. I think we all can agree that ROI potential is what draws in investors’ but real utility and creativity is what gets people to stay were always eager to share our plans & update's as missions are completed. 

🦾Community objective

Currently, majority of the decisions are taken by the core team, but efforts are being made to turn this into a Community-governed as we continue to transition!
 In the crypto space the term Defi is used wildly. We've all seen what would happen if a cryptocurrency project is entirely ran by its community with projects like doge, shiba inu the list goes on. DeFi in its entirety mean decentralized? Referenced to economic status as opposed to its internal power structure. Projects built on the foundation of community were committed to moving further away from rigid financial structures and traditional mindsets. allowing us to be free to discover new ways to solve problems and relate to one another. The Spillionaire team aims to solve the problems of prior cryptocurrencies by using there short coming, and even successes to aid us in our journey. Witch helps up to asses preventive measures to be take to ensure the success of our project. Allowing users to participate in a smart contract token reflection to produce tokens inside their own wallet rather then a platform like traditional daos thus giving holders continuous rewards while maintaining full control over your funds though having some implementations our protocol is structured entirely different. The spillionaire protocol it self is a multi layered system, each feature acting as a clog continuously pulling us toward sustainable passive income. The community will be able to vote on strategic decisions, reward models, and funding allocation to finance new endeavors.

Eco system allocation

The data shown was simply provided as a visual reference and is subject to be update.

 token lock

Spill Swap🏄‍♂️

Spillswap was a feature added to contribute to the rewards of holder to allowing them to participate in earning next level returns on top of the frequent rewards already distributed just for holding.
Trade directly from your wallet app. Unlike centralized exchanges like Binance or Coinbase, SpillSwap doesn’t hold your funds when you trade: you have 100% ownership of your own crypto. 

Spillswap acts as a harness that was put in place for preventive measures, and help incubate our eco system in more than just during correcting periods. Providing all advantages without of the disadvantages of traditional forms of vesting.  You have full control always with out penalty. 

Liquidity Pools 🏊‍♀️

Ever wonder how alot of the whale's earn big with little risk.  Hows passive income earned so easy in this part of the space, and not talked about as much as some.
beyond the factor of impermeant lost, feel secure know a formula is in place to against high sales pressure.
    Golden gooses were found in projects similar to ours.  And to catch it at launch, can you say inevitable gains. Consider uni swap, quick swap, pancake swap & trader joe. With the key term in mind "Liquidity provider's"  a sure way to earn passive income continuously with out losing the initial investing .
 How it works You can only swap tokens on SpillSwap if there is enough liquidity for those tokens. If nobody has added much liquidity for the token or tokens you want to swap, it will be difficult, expensive, or impossible to do so. Providing liquidity will get you LP Tokens, which will earn you rewards in the form of trading fees for making sure there's always liquidity for the exchange to use. 
Also as an added incentive the trading volume ratio will differ largely making you a whale by long term invest as you'd
be initialed to a larger slice of the pie, pie meaning taxed transactions.
Spillswap is a fork and is in no way associated with any other swapping platforms.

Check out LP's


Backing asset:
Total supply
Minimum to earn
 .1% of total supply =300000

5%auto liquidity

Reward type
Burn are completed manually

SC Calculator Dapp
Calculator for SPILL


The Spillaverse is its own metaverse incubated by gaming and other benefactors supported by blockchain technology. Our team believes in using the  success and failure's of other projects to contour our own. With this methodology we've managed to create what we believe to be a realm of untapped potential within the space  . The Spillaverse has a world of its own sectioned by units; it will be under constant development until release as it will be auntonu. It's safe to assume that the spillaverse is a big benefactor to the spillionaire ecosystem. Adding various style's, history, narrative, characters, music, and maps. Enabling players to make unbelievable gains and history through digital assets. undoubtedly millionaires have already been made in this part of the space and its just the beginning.  

Any landowner’s journey starts with minting their own land in the spillaverse. Upon selecting the tiles, they send funds to the contract that mints their land NFT to their wallet. This is the first step to become a citizen in the spillaverse. Once there, Spillionaire citizens will participate in an economy that consists of landowners and service providers. When designing the economy we had two core principles in mind:  All service providers must pay into a Reward Pool from their revenues. The spillaverse is essentially designed for the exchange of digital goods and services. Bringing businesses as service providers to the spillaverse will provide fuel for growth of the entire to its eco system. With the rapid expansion of our Metaverse we will be creating an incentive system that allows virtually any business to provide services on our platform. Following the trends, we’re targeting small businesses, other meta verse's as well as large brands to be onboarded for being able to access a wide range of service's. Our team will continuously seek out new business opportunities to increase the number of brands on our platform - we’re already working on multiple opportunities. As you'll see below, a portion of all platform fees get pooled into our Charity program, from the beginning of land sales were also thinking of a efficient way for Land owners to profit by renting their lands and earning interest from other players as well.

The Spilliverse Project uses blockchain technology to handle payments and store the ownership of land. The chosen blockchain technology is the binance Blockchain because of its advantages over Ethereum (like low gas fees and fast block times), allowing for the best available user experience. The two main parts of the smart contract architecture are the Payment Contract and the NFT Contract. All land bought in the Spillaverse is represented on the blockchain by an NFT (Non Fungible Token). It’s a special smart contract based on the BEP20 token standard, which ensures the immutable proof of ownership and holds the base data of the , like the hash of the unique identifiers of the squares that the land contains. Because all tiles have a unique ID on the map, which defines its position, the NFT ensures that the owner of the NFT owns the property. All tiles on the map represent a parcel .  With in is metadata which holds more detailed information about the NFT. The BEP20 standard structure of the smart contract contributes to the future integration of third party marketplaces or any other DApp that handles standard NFTs, as well as taking advantage of the blockchain technology NFT ecosystem. Payment contract All payments for purchases and trade of  in The spillaverse Project you'll be able to go through the payment contract, a specially designed contract written in Solidity. It handles the payment allocation in a secure, trust-less and fully transparent way. All transactions will be recorded on the blockchain and anyone can check them. During the design of this contract an important key is to keep the transaction’s gas fee as low as possible utilizing several smart contract design techniques. The grid layer on the map is represented by rectangles (called "Squares" or as  some would call them tiles or parcel ) calculated by our projection, which is a cylindrical map projection. It allows for the translation of the latitude and longitude of the Spillaverse system into a 2D map.

Land yielding
Every tile will automatically generate units for the user on a regular basis. The amount of squares generated will be published at a later date, however we will also introduce Skins that citizens can add to their Land. This will give bonuses to the amount of  generated by the land. As described in the NFT Land chapter, every piece of NFT land can have different kinds of skins. Skins will have different kinds of  multipliers in order to incentivize landowners to maximize the utility and their participation on the The spillionaire ecosystem. Untouched land packs will automatically generate 20% more squares than other lands. We’re also working on differentiating between different types of lands in terms of  generated that go beyond just the Skins. To better understand how the introduction  multipliers of Skins can help. Once the landowner starts upgrading their tiles, the amount of  generated by the land increases. The more activity a user does and the more upgrades they add to their tiles, they exhibit higher levels of trust and engagement towards the platform, therefore rewarded with more squares. So obtaining, forging and assigning higher levels of skins will impact the number of  generated by the land. We wanted to create a fair squares bonus system, so our basis for calculating square bonuses is the using real world treasury yield data. The reason behind this is that as stated largest economies has had success for a reason, these yields allow us to have a relatively good benchmark on future growth of the real world economy's. Remember, that our goal is to reward deeper engagement of landowners with increased rewards. In the case of treasury bonds, higher maturity returns higher yield. In our case the equivalent of higher maturity is higher levels of evolution for tiles. 

👾gamifying Goal
As you may be aware of by now the spilla-verse concept was created as a alternate universe
to allow its citizen's & players engage in next level earning, networking and interaction's. With upgraded gaming addition's, far scalable then the usual. Imagine being able to create any features you can think of. Allowing user's to use there nfts to participate in opportunities to attract the attention of possibly millions and increase there nft's worth immensely making this part of the project both rewarding and entertaining!!! To be noted (SC) is the governance token of all Spill project's .

Update's will always be released with-in the community first as a preventive measure to prevent piggy back as some would like to call it stay updated by joining the social's!  


The game( Kid spillionaire) is pretty much the beginning of a journey for the spillionaire to find were he comes from along with how to harness his inner spill.
Though obstacles arise he must triumph if he wants answers. 

and adventure not soon forgotten

by leveraging a small amount of Spills you complete level's making a crazy amount of earnings as you advance. arbitrage at its best, this concept contributes to more earning for every one passively due to transaction process that would often occur.

SPILL COIN  is used to  prevent disruption to the Spillionaire eco system but still triggers layered rewards for all holders participating or not.
Spills to simplify is a amplifier to the spillionare coin but contibuting to its backing system. Paying holders in BSUD.

2% Spills taxes primarly go the Spillionaire treasury backing SC, liquidity for it self & holder pay outs.
1.BUY Spills
2.USE SPILLS to win more, cash out or HODL>
primary use case is for gaming providing auto liquidy, & rewards. preventing high volitility even if not directly use for in game use.


Mini games are being released for the enjoyment of new comers and potential investor as a form of continuous advertisement.
 And yes  absolutely free plus accessible from the android and ios play store. With the subtraction of  rewards and not as much game play but still fun to pass time. Also every so often a raffle will be done so it will allow mini game users to earn through the our lottery in hope's of attracting more adopter's. 

The spillionaire is from planet spills, destroyed and broken in to many shards now co exist digitally but the spillionaire coin him self has no recollection of his beginning, birth or family as if his memory was struck from him. That being said he goes on a mission to discover his true origin. Though the spillionaire coin grew up as a native of planet spill, hes now on earth. some time ago began to realize it has to be more to the story as his capabilities were beyond what any one had ever seen. The spillionaire coin power comes from the entire eco system systematically.


The origin

Unlike the free version  mini spillionaire , the play to earn version is a more engaging, less bugs with more levels no subscription needed just connect wallet earn!

Kid spillionaire beta is complete -GAME OTW 
 Spillionares, the defi money printer! 

Monetization process

Monetization is the action or process of earning revenue from an asset, business, etc. the etc being the the spillionaire eco system.

Our mini game's are primarily free, but is on a smaller scale then the Play-to-earn games. also having ads ran during use.

 PTE player's can access and play from the very first moment without paying anything and can obtain benefits by progressing but will have very limited earning abilities. 
Players who contributes to the game’s economy is rewarded for this, both by trading in items and by buying them directly, encouraging access to and use of the eco system in a non traditional way .

Ascension takes place in several ways:
Fees applied to all transactions done in the game.
Marketplace, where players can transform their cryptocurrencies by linking digital wallets directly to characters & upgrades (in-game or out-of-game purchases). 

Player-to-player sales, with the possibility of opening their own virtual shops run by the players themselves and selling the products they generate.
Public sales, where players will be able to trade goods in an open auction.
In-game advertising spaces, enabling in-game advertising spaces to be rented as ‘product placement’ to companies that want to interact with persistent virtual world that is the Spillaverse.
merchandise will be available for purchase through the website, with a variety of products further raising brand awareness.

Primary promotion

Viral marketing, to gain brand awareness on portals and social networks external to the spillionaire . Banner campaigns as well as advertising on Google Ads and specialized websites, taking advantage of the power of targeting and more focused campaigns. Traditional public relations, press releases, articles, and in specialized and general media.

Tipping content creators

 By creating your own space for social content we will let you support those that provide genuinely good and useful content by tipping them. This removes the need for influencers to turn to external sources of income and actually punishes them for it as people will only want to reward those who give out good advice.

Iron sharpens Iron🚀

Community Developing-drafting Delegator's 

 We intent on continuing to build our team with passionate investors offering the most experience having a leader ship board. Ultimately the community controls the wheel, & can vote. Also directly interacting aiding in the success of the of the project in its entirety.  Imagine bringing together a group of passionate individual's, all on one accord with the same purpose's of sustaining a ever growing source of passive income .
As proven by mixed methodology, these tactics are predicted to potentially create millionaire's also aiding in the education of new adopters.  Creating more transparency by making our leaders accessible to educate and  contribute to growth. You will have the opportunity to meet them and chat with them, stay up to date with, and watch their interviews on multiple channels.

   Our intentions are to have moderators from different culture's, speaking multiple languages who are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Sharing of the experience's, updates, give always, and events.

Spill Stream

 The first streaming platform of it its kind, adding all the advantages of blockchain technoligy to the music industry. allowing users to even use fiat and get paid in our native token spill with auto distributes to the SC treasure. Our aims to be a digital music service that gives you access to millions. Allowing both lessoners and creators of all kind to particapate in earning and doing the things they love. also contibutes to monetization by bring awares and partnerships. The founder and co founder of spill stream  are both fulling capibal of taking on the task, both owning multible businesses and well rounded when it comes to the music world. co founder Sonny popularly known as tippy toe for the pass year has been primarly building a network of socail media inflencers, Known & upcoming artist, comedians, music maketers and well known names in the industry. in muliable genres hip hop, R&B, coumtry, raggie, rock, pop, & jaz.


Spillstreams will be available on Web, iOS, & Android.


Get on  to connect with fans-
Share your sound-
 Grow your audience-
What are you waiting for-


Upload your first track and begin your journey. Spill stream gives you space to create, find your fans, and connect with other artists.

 Lets begin changing the future today. Toon in with tippy toe for new outrages comedy and entertainment! updates will be release in the community and press releases first. With more and more attention of re directed to the digital world we thought why not become a part of history.

🌌Prime example of how history is being slowly rewritten!!!

Charity allocation

  A percent of gaming revenue will go to family's in need, we think that we can help make a difference not just in a specific city, state or governance  in the world 1 drip at a time. 
 Could you imagine the influence, wealth and attention that's usually drawn by projects of our stature. Compared to allot of already established projects in our lane.

Project Backing 

    Outside of the percs of having a real world utility is sure to drive in the attention of million, contributing to the adoption/growth.  A portion of the P2E & the spilla-verse net earnings will go towards backing assets. Through its reserve/Treasury  powered by Splills often discussed with in the community. the remainder will got to project building, project maintenance.  The pairing feature of our protocol we think this will create a undisputable need for new comers to want to embark in the journey of continuous overflowing rewards as well as add to the intrinsic value of Spillionaire protocol in a whole! 
Also noticeably, members of the team are vested, why is that? The Bigger picture, we are all in it for the long hold. That being said the success of the protocol is in the best interest. Investing themselves, could you imagine buying HEX at small cap or wait what about ETH witch launched at .31 cent in 2015 and has had a ATH of 4,500$.
 All that was said because 100$ then would have made you 450,000$. That's why  its important continuously improve and build a dedicated team & community. Anyway see you on the moon O'YEAH


 Our whitepaper does not constitute any investment advice, financial advice, trading advice or recommendation.The information in this here is provided specifically for general comprehension and is subject to change as we progress.